Akashic Records For Co-Creative Relationships. Online Classes

Akashic Records For Body-Mind-Spirit Alignment, Online Classes
October 5, 2019
Connecting To Your Higher Self And Spirit Guides. Online Classes
May 5, 2019

Webinar format:

This webinar is a 5 week series. Web classes will take place on Thursdays: November 5, 12, 19, December 3 & 10 @ 7:30 pm ET.

Prerequisite: "Akashic Records for Body-Mind-Spirit Alignment" (level 1).

Web classes include lectures with power point presentation, exercises, meditations, designated time for Q&A and homework. The estimated duration of each class is about 90 min.
I recommend attending the "live" web classes, however if you can't be there, a recorded version will be provided.

At the webinar you will learn:

  • How to create successful relationships using information from the Akashic Records;
  • How energetic characteristics of your Soul affect your relationships today;
  • How different Soul Groups operate differently in 3-D world;
  • What types of relationships are there at Soul level and what are Soul Families;
  • What blocks created during current and other lifetimes can influence your relationships now;
  • How to remove negative limitations;
  • What questions to ask when working with future relationships (future potentials) in the Records;
  • How to better manage your energies in order to create successful relationships in your life!


Day 1.

  • Introduction;
  • Vibrational Levels of Consciousness;
  • Soul Families & Twin Flames;
  • Types of Relationships at Soul Level.

Day 3.

  • Q&A session;
  • Relatively Common Soul Groups Continued;
  • Rare Soul Groups;
  • Meditation "My Star Self".

Day 5.

  • Q&A session;
  • Working with Future Potentials in Relationships;
  • Meditation-session "Relationships in My Life".

Day 2.

  • Q&A session;
  • Soul Groups and Relationships;
  • Earther Soul Group;
  • Relatively Common Star Groups.

Day 4.

  • Q&A session;
  • Blocks and Restrictions Affecting Relationships;
  • Current Incarnation: cords, hooks, negative patters;
  • Other Incarnations: karmic blocks, contracts, attached entities.

Investment: $295.00

Early Bird Special: $255.00

Valid through midnight October 29.

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