Akashic Records For Body-Mind-Spirit Alignment, Workshop

Understanding and Connecting To Your Higher Self And Spirit Guides, Webinar
October 5, 2018
Understanding and Connecting To Your Higher Self And Spirit Guides, Workshop
July 18, 2018
When: November 11, 2017 10 am – 5:00 pm (with about an hour long lunch break).
Location: Private Residence in Murrysville, PA (10 minutes away from Turnpike and Parkway exits), the address will be provided after registration.​​

After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Log into your own Akshic Record and obtain information from this dimension of consciousness;
  • Monitor and evaluate your chakra performance;
  • Make adjustments on the levels of your thoughts, emotions and actions in order to correct imbalances;
  • Find out what is a Soul Vibrational  Makeup and fill in your own Vibrational Makeup Chart;
  • Monitor and correct the level of alignment of your thoughts and actions in daily life with the vibrations of your Soul;
  • Identify root causes of negative issues you might experience in life;
  • Learn how to ask questions in your Akashic Records, what questions to ask and what not to ask;
  • Work with your potentials (Future) in your Records;
  • Create a happier and more fulfilling life!

Also included:

Attunement to Akashic Vibrational Frequencies;
Your Soul Vibrational Makeup Chart created by Irina;


Regular investment - $249.00
Early Bird Discount (Valid till midnight on November 4th, 2017)- $199.00
​Please contact me if you have any questions and/or if you are interested in hosting a Workshop in your area.

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